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Preparing Your Child for Nursery

Please talk to your child about nursery before they start attending.  Be positive and tell them about all the toys and other children to play with, and remind them that you (or a family member/childminder) will always come and collect them at the end of the session.

Home visits

At the start of every full term we carry out home visits.

Separation Anxiety

We are aware that going to nursery can be one of the most significant challenges that young children have to cope with.  We work with parents to alleviate some of the separation anxieties both for you and your child. 

Each family is offered a home visit before the child starts nursery, this allows the child to be in a safe and familiar environment and gives the parents the chance to discuss any concerns or issues they may have and give us key information about their child’s individual needs.  

To help both children and parents, we agree a phased induction period where each child usually begins to attend for short sessions and this time is gradually increased. 

Each child is allocated a key person when they start nursery, this person will get to know your child really well and will develop a positive, caring relationship and ensure their needs are met.

Parent Partnership

During the time your child attends Crookhill Early Years we will work in partnership with you and keep you informed about your child’s progress.  We have an open door policy and encourage parents to ask any questions or raise any concerns with us at the first opportunity, either at the beginning or end of a session, or if you feel a longer time is needed, please make an appointment to speak with us.  

Dropping off and picking up

Children attending the morning session will be encouraged to come and sit on the carpet for registration time, while the younger children attending afternoon sessions will go straight to play.

At home time it is critical for us to dismiss each child safely to the right parents or grandparents, and therefore we ask parents not to come into the classroom at this time.  Please wait outside with other parents, and we will send your child out to you.  If you wish to speak to a member of staff, please wait until all the children have been safely dismissed.


We adhere to Gateshead LEA guidelines regarding contagious illness.  Although we are aware that poorly children will often ask parents to bring them to nursery, we ask that to avoid cross infection and spread of illness they are kept at home until they are well.  In particular, following sickness and diarrhoea children should be kept off for a minimum of 48 hours after the last episode.  We would be grateful if you would telephone to inform us if your child will not be attending nursery due to illness.  


See Hours and Fees

Healthy Snacks

We ask that all parents please send in two pieces of fruit or other healthy snack each week, for example fruit, cheese, crackers, bread or breadsticks for us to cut up and share at snack time.


In Early Years we suggest that children wear school uniform.

This consists of   Red sweatshirt/cardigan or jumper

                                White or red polo shirt

                                Grey skirt or trousers

                                Grey or red tights

                                Sensible school shoes (very important for safety)

These items may be ordered through school with Crookhill School logo.  A red school fleece and waterproof jacket are also available with school logo.

Please clearly label all clothing. 

To help independence we ask that you dress your child in clothing they can manage themselves, although adults will always be available to help.  It is important that children feel comfortable in their clothing and are not worried about it getting dirty or damaged.  We have messy play indoors and outdoors and it is important children feel able to join in with this.

As we take the children outside on most days, please ensure children always have clothing suitable for the weather, including a warm coat in cold weather and suitable shoes, or sun hat and sun cream already applied on warm days.

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