Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

In Crookhill Early Years Nursery we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines which recognise that while children are born ready, able and eager to learn, development is not an automatic process and children need opportunities to interact in positive relationships and enabling environments.

The prime areas of learning are:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development – This involves making relationships, developing self-confidence and self-awareness, and managing feelings and behaviour.

Communication and Language – involving listening and attention, understanding and speaking.

Physical Development – involving moving and handling and health and self-care.

In addition children will have opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in some specific areas including:

Literacy – Developing early reading and writing skills.

Mathematics – Numbers and shape, space and measure.

Understanding the World – Learning about the world, technology and people and communities.

Expressive Arts and Design – Developing imagination and exploring and using media and materials.

Effective learning takes place through playing and exploring, active learning and creative and critical thinking.  (EYFS 2011)

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The Importance of Play

The care and education offered in our Nursery helps children to develop and learn by providing interesting activities and experiences that are appropriate for their age and stage of development.

  • Play allows children to explore and express ideas, emotions and feelings.  Play can be seen as emotionally therapeutic, providing a safe outlet for tension.  Children have the opportunity to experience feelings, learning to cope with these more rationally. 
  • Play provides opportunities for relaxation and social contact with others. 
  • Play enables children to use excess energy. 
  • Play enables children to practice skills, preparing them for the next stage in their development. 
  • Play challenges children’s problem solving skills, developing their cognitive, manipulative and social skills which contribute to their all-round intellectual growth. 
  • Play enables children to master learning through developing perseverance, social interactions, self-esteem and self- confidence.

Crookhill Early Years Extends Children’s Play by:

  • Supporting and responding to children’s needs, recognising their potential.
  • Supporting children’s skills as players and learners.
  • Enriching children’s play.
  • Supporting children’s ideas, extending them with additional ideas and resources.
  • Enabling children to develop their own play through chosen themes.
  • Interacting in a sensitive, respectful way, valuing children’s ideas and contributions.
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